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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  July 24, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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are hollywood directors going to buy these? adam: melissa francis are you going to buy it? melissa: i don't know about that. we're having a blast already. brewing up a storm, insane amount of money starbucks is bay paying workers. you won't believe how much they would be better off in walmart. amazon is under pressure and seeing great growth but will it finally turn a profit? booking ahead for a prone limb? patients are reserving a spot online before heading to the emergency room. kind of clever. plus the housewife that is giving it all up to go back to the lindy hopping '50s. princeton mom is here to relate. so is charlie gasparino. because even when they say it's not, it is always about "money." melissa: a tale of two motor cities for gm today. the stock is plummeting while
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sales figures continue to rise. the auto giant still plagued by ongoing recall issues, falling short of wall street expectations last quarter and more problems laying in wait with gm with $400 million slated to go to the victims of its faulty ignition switch. with me our very own charlie gasparino and tracy byrnes. we have james frishe lynn as well. james, let you go first. what do you think of all the gm news? >> the brand loyalty and customer loyalty, is amazing. 13 deaths and -- melissa: sales haven't caught up yet? >> i no longer think the consumer doesn't care. audi had one slippage and company almost collapsed. melissa: what do you think? >> i got my saturn ion recalled recently. melissa: you drive a saturn ion? >> i used to. melissa: you feel like mustang
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guy. >> i'm not a car guy. cnbc gave me money for a car. melissa: i am unfamiliar with that. >> i bought the cheapest car possible. the car was first destroyed by hurricane -- that's right. the car was destroyed by hurricane sandy. that is my little exposure. melissa: okay. >> i know for a fact that the board of gm is lawyering up. why would board of directors lawyer up aside from obvious stuff that you have to have lawyers when something like this is going on? i think this will be worse than a lot of people think. i think a lot more money and a lot more potential legal ramifications. >> speaking of embattled companies, shacking up with new board members, radioshack ceo joe -- i can't pronounce it. >> call him joe. melissa: yeah. along with the first female member, board member i think that is, colleen brown. tracy, what do you think of this one? >> i think they have got to do something. i don't know at this point. i'm not sure going to radioshack is the right place.
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apparently he is unemployed. >> is it joe? melissa: joe magnaca. looks like from this. radioshack ceo. not like radioshack has been hitting it out of the park. >> they're in bankruptcy. melissa: i don't think they're quite in it. >> almost in it. melissa: they have been trading for under ado lar for several months. >> so they're a penny stock. melissa: pre much. >> i'm not sure why you knock on that door. melissa: i don't know. maybe they know something we don't. james, what do do i think? >> he stepped in here to replace line capital. this thing would have collapsed completely, had line called. it is golden rule. who has the gold rules. standard stepped in. see what they can do. melissa: they add ad woman, tracy, does that make you feel better? >> god willing they added her because she is smart. melissa: people like their products. sort of a question of management, no? you love their products?
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you wanted to get in. i was teeing you up for that. >> we love their products and hope the company can continue to survive. they make great stuff. >> maybe the women on the board will rein in the way they do things. >> still have ousted ceo with 43% of the company. he is not going to go quietly. melissa: billionaire carlos slim getting slammed by none other than than marc andreessen of the netscape cofounder tweeting about slim's call for a three-day work week, saying quote, regarding carlos slim's big idea, i would like all my competitors to work three days a week so i can work five or six or seven days a week and kick their butts! what do you think? he said every billionaire suffers from the same problem. nobody around them ever says that is stupid idea. >> listen, i butted heads with marc andreessen. that is really smart comment. billionaires or moguls, it i interesting, pr people will allow people like bill ackman and light themselves on fire.
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slim's comment -- melissa: talking about people saying too much on twitter and nobody reins them in and strays to control them, charlie gasparino, is that what you're talking about or no? >> i will say this carlos slim's idea of a three-day work week is almost as dumb saying vladmir putin should be given the benefit of the down. i just want that on record. melissa: but i mean, by the same token no one ever reins in marc andreessen's tweeting. he is talking about nobody controls billionaires -- >> he is not a billionaire. he is just a multimillion, huh this. melissa: i don't know -- >> millionaires and billionaires. remember that. >> why do we care. a little free speech. let them do what they want. >> all right. >> we're talking about it, right? melissa: some employees get more bang for the buck working for starbucks. thissed is cog to national economic research. starbucks cashier earn slightly more than peers in walmart but it comes to the managerial posts, walmart salaries almost double their coffee
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counterparts. amazing to me. store manager at walmart makes on average $92,462 versus starbucks, $44,632. to be fair a walmart is obviously exponentially bigger than a starbucks. >> i tweeted this out, start ad whole discussion. people pointing out -- melissa: me? >> people point out walmart employees don't make as much money as starbucks employees. maybe management does well, but not the rank-and-file. that they get hosed. melissa: a cashier makes 8.48. starbucks barista makes average, 8.80. so there is that. average u.s. cashier makes $11.22 according to census bureau. that is way above minimum wage? >> stop demonizing walmart. it does a lot of good for a lot of people. >> keeping prices down. >> i was saying sells cheap vegetables. >> all the hipster journalists say how bad walmart is, if it
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wasn't for walmart they wouldn't afford to eat. they don't make money. >> big box stores despite all criticism, consumers benefit from cheaper products. by the way there is career path. but they are paying better than other retail years okay. president obama may be ready to go it alone on drones. political reports says the president plans to take executive action on privacy guidelines for commercial drones. just what we need another executive order, perfect. james? >> technology leads and etiquette an guidelines and everything else follows. i'm trying to figure out what is etiquette of a cell phone. we're up to drones. privacy -- melissa: privacy is gone. >> want to put etiquette an rules around a drone? food luck with that. melissa: a onus is look good naked. there are cameras everywhere. drones everywhere. it is inevitable. you can't protect yourself. go ahead, charlie. >> that is usually something would come out of my mouth. melissa: i'm trying to shock you. >> think of up shot.
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ran out of wine on friday night. the drone brings it right in. melissa: love it. >> there is lot of potential. melissa: sounds dangerous. >> could you be naked. >> naked and get your wine. >> roll credits. melissa: might want to get away southwest after latest pub list i nightmare. a father of two reports he and his kids were kicked off the flight after unflattering comment about the airline service. supposedly he sent out a beat, charlie you may need to address this because you've known to send out inflammatory tweet or two. >> one or two. melissa: basically said that you know the agent wouldn't let him, he earned right to get on plane early, according to daily news. >> i don't believe the story. melissa: had right to get on early. they wouldn't let him on early with his kids. >> who is that? melissa: regular guy. this guy. he is this guy into i don't believe that southwest airlines is maybe, great of a company, is it a good company? i have no idea. a decent company, as a great, that they have the customer service to monitor all these tweets about -- melissa: that's what i wonder.
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let me finish the story. he tweeted out her name and he was unhappy hadn't been allowed board. he was already seated with his family and he was buckled in. he says they came over the loud speaker and told him to get off. >> i don't believe it. melissa: security threat. he had to delete the tweet or wouldn't be allowed back on. >> either he threatened in the tweet or he -- melissa: the tweet's down. so it is very hard to know what he said. he says he said, wow, rudest agent in denver, her name, the gate it was. not happy at southwest air. >> that is all he said i can't believe it. melissa: have you ever been thrown off a plane for your tweets or thrown out of a restaurant? >> no. i got thrown out of surgeon valley. that is about it. melissa: that counts. >> that happens like every day? someone says a nasty tweet about -- >> how do we know that? he must have, he must have had -- melissa: you think there is more to the story. >> i think the mom. melissa: monitoring twitter this closely. >> we were talking about guidelines and etiquette. what is so you west training program, how does flight attendant or agent respond to
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negative tweet? we have to look into it. >> that is not so bad. p. melissa: you're right. probably more to this story. like a dream come true, the perfect night fleet may be just hours away. sleeping beauties better pay attention. amazon set to report earnings after the bell. profits finally catch fire. more "money" coming up. ♪ ♪
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melissa: more trouble in the skies. algerian airport official says air algerie plane crashed this morning due to severe weather. only latest in a recent string of deadly plane crashes following the downed malaysian airlines flight one week ago today of course. are passengers about to get a little anxious about flying again? joining me jared levy from profitable simon constable from the "wall street journal." fox news contributor steve moore from the heritage foundation. steve, let me start you, because everywhere you look right now, and i know, i understand there are a lot of different reasons. we have a couple of planes come
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down due to weather. obviously one has to do with conflict in the area. but as someone who flies you're starting to feel like it is becoming unsafe. do you think it has an impact on industry? >> it may have impact on industry but turns out at any point in time virtually the safest place to be, melissa is on an airplane. airplane travel is safer now than it has ever been in history. your odds of dieing in automobile or walking across the street are much, much higher than they are of dieing in a plane crash but perception is reality when it comes to these kinds of things. yeah, people get nervous they don't fly. melissa: simon, we are coming out of an era, the airlines were very embattled. it was a tough place to be for a long time. we saw consolidation. we saw bankruptcy. now they emerging stronger and they have hit this patch. does it derail the recovery in the industry? >> i don't really think so when you start looking at alternatives there is nothing cheaper. i don't like flying at best of
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times but has nothing to do with the, the safety of it. it has more to do with getting felt up by the tsa every time you go through. i really don't like that. this gives another reason not to do it as often as possible. it is really cheap and certainly cheaper a than driving or taking a boat across the ocean. what is the alternative? melissa: jared, you're a pilot. that is one of the reasons why we have you in this conversation but you know you feel like people have started to take the safety of flying for granted but you see, you know, one situation where people are flying over a war zone, where airline is flying over a war zone and then you realize that happens more often than we think. folks were making a point today, if you're going to dubai, likely you're going over syria. if you're heading to indyaw, you're heading over hot spots we're maybe starting to take for granted it is and it isn't as safe as we think. what is your perspective. >> i sort of disagree with this. melissa, remember this, major
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american are carriers and major carriers like malaysian airlines have processes and agreements in place where they look at us. flying over ukraine and russia, certainly risky or flying over syria could be issue, reality from statistical perspective, never in history have three airlines from the same type of a airline crashed in a three or four year period. i would fly malaysian airlines all day long. these weather-related -- >> things come in these. melissa: a lot of people made the joke about malaysian airlines. there were people, on that plane, that made that joke online. we all know how that turned out. i don't, i don't know if we agree with your point. simon, go ahead. what do you think? >> i don't know i would want to take malaysian airlines. i don't really like taking any airline at all, really. sorry about that. that is just the way it is. it is too traumatic emotionally. melissa: last word, go ahead. >> when you look at air traffic today, i travel domestically three times a week. air travel is way up.
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people are going with their families, kids. so the idea this is going to be some kind of an end to the airline industry, no. people may feel unsafe but they're traveling on plane more than ever before. melissa: we'll leave it there. thanks to all three of you. homebuilders dropping today after disappointing housing data. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. breaking news on trulia and zillow. >> rate, let's start with that. that is the exciting part here. a short time a huge crowd around the post. look at both trulia and zillow, right? they are rivals. look at that intraday chart. that tells you a big spike we're seeing. trulia, new high up 30%. zillow new high as well. this is on the talk that zillow is near a deal for trulia, for as much as $2 billion according to bloomburg. and that moved these stocks here, moving wild, both again at new highs. let's talk about the hugely disappointing new home sales report we got in for the month of june.
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dropped 8.1%. that was much larger than expected. the prior month had downward revision. look what is going on here with some of these stocks. d.r. horton is down 11%. meritage, is down 5%. so this group really getting a blow today after existing home sales earlier in the week was good news but today this group getting hit hard. so we have new highs for you and also these homebuilders to the downside after the news on the economy and new home sales. back to you. melissa: nicole, thank you so much. long wait at the e.r.? you should have made a reservation. the new trend coming to hospitals across the country. plus, facebook is coming of age. zuck and companying seeing the biggest gain in months. do you ever have too much money? ♪
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melissa: the doctor will see you now and take your reservation by the way. driven by increased competition due to obamacare a growing number of emergency rooms across the country are taking appointments. here, dr. manny i need no reservation to see i hope. >> no reservation with me. melissa: the hospital doing this by the way, northridge hospital, that is where i was born. very excited to see that. i don't think my parents made a reservation. >> mama didn't make a reservation. melissa: to me, is it emergency if you're making reservation. >> i think this dumb idea. melissa: dumb. >> very stupid idea. melissa: why? >> some hospital administrators came up with it. it makes for talking points. this will not be applicable to all across the country. as a matter of fact, all e.r.s, no matter what time of day they're overbooked. they're so busy with so many
2:23 pm
patients. they build bigger and bigger e.r.s. melissa: this is emergency. by definition don't you have time not to make an appintment. >> if anybody needs to make an appointment to go to the e.r. melissa: see a doctor. >> go to emergency center, popping up left and right. they can do all sorts of things. that is better for the patient. melissa: using e.r. improperly. >> everybody uses the e.r. improper. basically this particular individual who the story is based on, uninsured. that is the source where uninsured people go to get medical care. melissa: that is the crux of the story. recent research is suggesting that seven hours of sleep might be better than eight. they go as far, eight hours or more consistently shown to be hazardous, hazardous! >> something bad will happen. melissa: do you believe that? >> well, there is a little bit of, this is sort of anecdotal
2:24 pm
correlation to average sleep. if you sleep, 10, 12, 15 hours a day, you're not moving around and active that. could have an effect on your cardiovascular system. you could develop, whatever, sleep apnea, this sort. from a long-term perspective could be hazardous. melissa: is seven better than eight? >> i don't know. melissa: come on you're supposed to know this stuff. >> sleep experts say seven. therefore -- melissa: okay. >> you, takes me one hour to sleep and whatever. melissa: the new scarlett johansson movie, "lucy" opens tomorrow. based on the myth that humans only use 10% of our brains. what percent of our brains do we actually use? i lobbed up the joke right there. >> i personally use 120%. melissa: 120, okay. >> that is the reason i lost all my hair because it popped out and all the hair fell on the ground. everybody uses 100% of their brains all the time. melissa: use 100% all the time? >> it's a living organ itch.
2:25 pm
it is a living organ. think of the brain as computer. turn on the computer it turns on. if you play with itunes, now you're concentrating on that. when you look at, a cat scan of the brain you may see different areas of brain popping up but in reality it is on. melissa: wouldn't be like scarlett johansson with superpowers if we used whole brain? it is all over for us and there is no hope? >> no. melissa: i will never be scarlett johansson apparently. very disappointing. i don't want to open myself up. all right. remember that crowd funding project that we told you about where you wouldn't know what you're investing in? you remember that? we found out what it was. you got to hear about this. plus, why walk when you can motor skate? these new rocket beauties promise to get you anywhere you want to go as long as you're brave enough of course. we're testing them out. "piles of money" and lots of
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2:30 pm
i'd be a seller. i think they're going to miss tonight. melissa: joe, always about when they take over the world and the next venture they're going after. jeff bezos, there's always a new horizon for him, never a moment in time he's not investing in taking over something new. it's what investors love, the narrative means they never make money. >> definitely what you can expect out of jeff bezos. if you look at the last year, since january. we've had a slew of products that's been absolutely astounding. music streaming, e-books, the fire phone, set-top boxes. we will probably get more, but the fire phone goes on sale tomorrow, the presales have not been that strong. we don't expect them to be until they release the second one. melissa: this is the best company of all-time or get a pass? >> it's a very good company. jeff bezos is a very, very smart manager. he's built this company, invested a long time.
2:31 pm
i was talking to fidelity, they said we don't mind because we know he's investing. once they stop investing, they will increase the margins at the drop of a hat. don't worry about the products being bad. a lot of the first generation products are not that good. the first kindle was terrible. melissa: facebook shares hitting all-time high after impressive earnings report. no wonder. americans are spending about 40 minutes a day on average on facebook, that is more than double the time they spend exercising. you can combine the activities and exercise and do facebook at the same time. >> first of all, i do, that that's a great strategy. melissa: you spend 40 minutes a day on facebook? >> i don't know about 40 minutes. i definitely don't exercise 40 minutes a day which i should. 62% of revenue came from mobile ad revenue. very strong data as they move forward, despite the fact
2:32 pm
critics say mobile product isn't necessarily where it needs to be. >> jarrod, do you like the stock? >> the 60% from mobrevenue can google or apple were to do something. facebook is a momentum play. as much as i can't stand the company and becoming a big gossil column. melissa: why can you not stand the company? >> you get on the site, it's like look what my friend recommended to me, like this bull news story about a guy riding a horse to canada with one leg. it doesn't make sense. that didn't make any sense. but that says it about facebook. melissa: do you dare to follow that? >> not going to follow the horse riding thing. what i think is interesting here is they have come from nowhere to a big place in mobile. that's very impressive. the things that disturb me is what knockon effect, the testing of the psychological theories on a user base without telling them. that could do a bit of damage longer term. and it will be interesting to
2:33 pm
see how it works out. melissa: that sound that you hear off in the distance may be the death nell of crowd funding. i hope. the man who asked investors to grab on his mystery product revealed what it is. guess what? it's greeting cards! just greeting cards. >> i love this. melissa: with cartoons of famous people and like a little statement. jill, you love this? >> in the age of social media and all digital communication, it is refreshing someone is putting smart effort, cool graphics into old school handwritten notes. melissa: would you crowd fund that, when people heard the surprise, did you hear the biggest sad trombone of all time. >> i loved it. melissa: there's what you helped invest, in a card with a cartoon of albert einstein on it. aren't you so glad you invested on that? >> i don't think it needed to be crowd funded. crowd funding can be any amount
2:34 pm
of money, you can have these ordered on demand. it's not like you need a big sum of money. i'm surprised he did this. i hope he is walking around with a little shame on this. melissa: jarrod, were you hot on this one? >> totally would have. this is the big thing for crowd funding. and crowd tilt which taps into your circle. i love it. melissa: why? >> there's an appetite in america. appetite in americans for risk. melissa: anything you said doesn't make sense. what do you mean? what? what? what? >> it's exciting, with the analog, it's exciting. >> i think people getting the pens and pencils out and drawing, that's great. melissa: why crowd funding? >> jared, i'll lend you a pen, this is free for you, you can draw cards but you don't need to crowd fund it. melissa: we got to go. jared, i love you.
2:35 pm
don't take it hard. skechers and dr. pepper, snapple reporting strong earnings. let's go to larry at the cme with more on this one. >> this is absolutely fascinating, and the consumer stocks haven't been outperforming the market all year. here we go. skechers up 5.5%, o'reilly up 4%, et cetera. what's exciting is the beating on revenue. consumer stocks, we've been beating on the earnings per share for quarters now, now beating on the revenue side, the sale side. basically all the stocks i talked about including under armour and dr. pepper. restructuring, inventory, management. as you know in 2013, the market rallied before the data said so. now the data starting to say so, so perhaps we're building another race for the next leg in the rally. melissa: we'll see. i hope you're right. back to the 50s. how one woman is giving up a
2:36 pm
career to going back to being a 50s wife. you just know the princeton mom and charlie have something to say about this one! plus not that innocent, indeed. brittany bringing you into her secret world by, um, launching her own lingerie line, or would you want it? at the end of the day, it's all about money.
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. melissa: i'm melissa francis with fox business brief. doubt junk, atlantic city debt cut to junk status by moody's for the second time in nine months, moody's had no choice considering all of the casino closures and ongoing drops in revenues. s&p under attack, owner mcgraw-hill received notice that the sec is coming after it with civil charges, that relates back to ratings on mortgage backed securities back in 2011. s&p is already defending a lawsuit by the federal government. and finally off the hook. a judge has thrown out a suit that claimed that jpmorgan knew all about bernie madoff's undercover ponzi scheme. it was alleged jamie dimon and 12 other executives turned a blind eye to the thievery. that is the latest from fox business network, giving you
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the power to prosper.
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. melissa: live like you're a 1950s housewife. that's the advice of mandy jones and her husband. they live like it's the 1950s and claims cooking, cleaning and sewing make her a better wife. she believes that all women should adopt the 50s lifestyle in order to save their marriages.
2:41 pm
now this sounds like a clear case for the princeton mom susan patten and charlie gasparino my personal hero. >> i want to know how you read that without laughing. >> i was snickering a little bit. i didn't want to lean any way in one direction. >> it's not so funny. what is so wrong about going back to a time when there were clear gender identifying roles that women were women and men were men. i love the idea. >> i want, for some reason, can't see my wife or tracy or even you, having your husband or significant others smoking jacket ready and martini as soon as they walk through the door. >> that's totally the wife i was. women should greet husbands when they come home from a long day. how was your day. what would you like? >> that's one of the things she does, is darning his socks.
2:42 pm
>> she doesn't have a job. clearly, she does not have a job. >> there is a point. melissa: there is a big difference between 1950 and today. some of us have to work to pay the bills. not everybody. the women think they have to be at work as opposed to staying home, making meals, taking care of kids, darning the socks. >> and get my martini. >> get charlie's martini, i don't think there is anything wrong with that. >> i want my bath drawn. i want my -- [ laughter ] >> i want just a little -- take my martinis very dry. >> very little vermouth. >> the way she positioned herself, the types of things she talks about are very subservient. >> she's putting herself in a very subseverient position. it's not subseverient.
2:43 pm
she looks adorable. he looked a little more like don draper, that would have been better. >> melissa this is ridiculous. this is not today we live like this. if it works for them, all the power to them. melissa: i agree with you, whatever works for you. whatever works for you. >> i have to say -- >> she's advocating for everybody else and talking about the fact this makes for a better marriage. i happen to think i'm in a happy marriage, whether he thinks so, i don't know. i'm at work. >> i don't think you have to be subservient. does your wife need to be subservient in order for you to be happy, charlie? >> in all seriousness, i couldn't deal with that type of woman. i don't like a woman to kiss my rear end all the time. >> i don't think it's advocating that the woman be subseveriant to the man.
2:44 pm
we're talking about the clear distinctions between a woman and man in a household. when we get into problems today is the lines are so blurred, we've talked about the feminization of men. >> i don't like that. >> i don't like the masculinization of women. melissa: am i a masculine woman? i go to work every day. >> okay, some of us have no choice but to take on both roles. >> some women make the choice to go work because they want to continue to go to the hamptons in the summer. >> we inelect waly enjoy being here. >> that's for some women, they no longer have the choice to be at home and raise the children. >> the 50s were pretty good. i hate to say. were pretty good for white men. i have to say that. >> would you like to say
2:45 pm
something as we go out here? >> no. melissa: heading into our last hour of trading, let's check in with liz claman and see what she's thinking as she's listening. would you like to go near this, liz? >> i would, me and the mouth are you kidding me? of course. i need to go near amazon! we are waiting on another announcement. [ laughter ] >> well done, my friend, liz. >> up two-thirds of a percent, they're coming up with numbers after the bell. why this matters? this is a company that gets a pass every time it loses money! amazon is expected to lose, i don't know, i'm seeing all kinds of numbers, losing about 13 to 15 cents. our analysts estimates are 15 cents. it doesn't matter, amazon reinvests. michael pacter is going to tell you what you should look for. is it the fire tv? the fire phone that's about to,
2:46 pm
of course, hit the shelves. we'll be talking to him about that, and want to dress like a ceo or better yet, a president? guess what, the renaissance and the models are getting dressed in the green room right now. the hottest suit company in america at the moment, and we have arnold silverstone on a, how can you dress like a ceo, and how you dress, dress for the part you want not for the part you have. you heard that. and retail today, what really is going on in the psychology of the consumer? back to you guys. melissa: liz, thank you so much. once upon a time a young britney spears uttered the immortal line i'm not that innocent. those days are gone, my friend. the latest to get in on the celebrity brand bandwagon. this time it's with the risque lingerie line called the intimate collection. britney says it's about luxurious pieces pleasing to the eye and comfy on the skin.
2:47 pm
that's what it's about. items start at 17 bucks. [ laughter ] >> i will ask my panel, what do you think? >> $17? melissa: that's for a garter. i don't know. >> like trying to outmiley cyrus. >> i think it's trashy, look at spot we just saw. >> you want women to be women, why can't they be provocative. i'm not suggesting it's masculine, i'm suggesting it is trashy, it is beyond, beyond the -- a bit on the promiscuous side. >> do you think victoria secret is trashy? >> i do. >> do you? >> no! >> why roller skate when can you rocket skate. this guy is going at a whopping 12 miles an hour there. he goes on the motorized beauties. we are taking a closer look.
2:48 pm
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. . melissa: it is time for a little fun with spare change. roller skating and running everyday errands is about to get a little more interested. toss out dated roller skates for the new and improved motorized kind. technology company action brings you the r-model rocket skates. new and improved roller skates attached to shoewear and allow skateers to cruise up to 12 miles an hour. joining me now is peter treadway, founder and cto of action r rocket skates. what gave you this idea? why do i need motorized roller
2:52 pm
skates? >> the idea here is more to pull people out of their cars. it's not so much to enhance walking as it is to reduce driving. so we design these really to, you strap them on. melissa: does it work like the segway where you lean forward. >> there's a little bit. melissa: how do you stop me when i am on the sidewalk and i need to stop to cross the street. >> we thought people might want to stop. what we decided to do, when you tilt down, you press down on the suspension. melissa: then they go forward. >> they slow down when you push down, i need my leg to do that, it's strong. melissa: you are funding them on kickstarter. >> that's right. melissa: by the first day you reached $100,000. you are up over 300, is that right? >> that's right. melissa: how much are they per pair. >> $499 a pair. melissa: $500?
2:53 pm
in order to get skates that skate without me. strikes me that someone would have to be really lazy to need these. you could walk, you could bicycle, you could scooter. >> you can do all of those things. melissa: if i do all of those things, to me i'm just really lazy, no? >> no, that's not how we see it. it's more like we want people to drive less. melissa: okay. >> so they're already in their cars making short trips that they really don't need to be making. melissa: do you charge them? where do they get energy from? >> battery packs in the back. lithium iion. melissa: how far do you go before you charge them? >> six to ten miles. melissa: you need to get busy. that's a lot. you should go work on that. >> excuse me. melissa: so you've been cutting deals, workingly on it. are you going to sell them in
2:54 pm
retail stores in the future? >> we have a few retailers we're lining up right now, but yeah we'll be selling them ourselves as well as through some major retailers. >> good luck, don't get hurt. it looks dangerous. you got it. thanks, peter. >> thanks. >> cowabunga. comic-con got tastier with the new spin on pizza deliveries. you know you're in bad shape when you rank lower than jar jar binks on the popularity poll. how the dubious honor went to. at the end of the day it's all about money. really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention.
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2:57 pm
melissa: nerds rejoice. comicon kicking off today.
2:58 pm
fox is doing their part by taking drones to the party. so this all about celebrating teenage mutant ninja turtles. i am so sad i am not there. >> i love pizza, i love the ninja turtles. this started back in 1970. i was trying to find a way to capitalize. i don't love pizza hut. melissa: you are taking it way too seriously. fox having lessons, do you need lessons to fly a drone? i have a drone, it is easy. >> my kids have spent their whole life flying drones. this is making me feel really old. melissa: megan fox is in the movie, my kids are all excited about it, and for some reason my husband is too. in another universe not too far away jar jar binks is more popular than congress.
2:59 pm
remember jar jar binks, the most hated "star wars" character of all time. >> it was to digital, two animated. his voice was annoying. but i liked him. melissa: that is easily done, what do you think? >> remember the old saying, this was the attitude they have about congress right now. every time you think they cannot go lower, they do. melissa: izod darth vader: better than most of the presidential candidates, it says a lot about the state of the political system. i think on that note i will look for some ninja turtles flying
3:00 pm
pizza in the air bid i hope you're making money today be @lizclaman and "countdown" start right now. liz: more big names like amazon and starbucks reporting in one hour. where tracking all the action for you in this final all-important hour of trade. we are taking detroit's hood. taking it on the chin in part of the recalls. ford on all cylinders after beating the street getting a boost from record profits to the good old u.s. of a beheaded is it time to get into both of these american icons? we have an all-star panel. and meet kinky friedman making suits since 1989. now


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